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Client Testimonials


Please read though some of the letters Suzanne Anderer Hair Removal has  received from our satisfied clients. We believe it’s important to hear  what our past customers have said about our work before you choose us.  If you require more information, please contact us and we'd be happy to  provide additional references of our work.  



    I asked everyone I knew and became as knowledgeable about electrolysis  as I could. I soon became resigned to having hairs treated several  times, doubling or tripling the treatment time.  Then a good friend told  me about (Suzanne) and her system where it takes only one treatment and  that made me curious. So I went to see her.  


  We attacked the 'pesky' hairs first. When I tell friends who have had  'traditional' electrolysis about this, they don't believe me, until they  see for themselves.  Thank you Suzanne!  I'm sold!


  Julie, Burr Ridge, IL




I was very interested as a Cosmetologist when I monitored the SIMPLE™ Technique Con Ed Class in Iowa, September 2008. There is no scarring  since this method kills the root the first time. I volunteered as a  model and was very impressed the hair(s) never grew back. I have  experienced another type of electrolysis in the past (90’s) but I was  told before I began this process it would take up to 4 years to have  this type of electrolysis done. It was discouraging to continue to go  every week for this procedure and shaving for an unlimited length of  time. I recently made an appointment to travel almost 4 hours one way to  have this type of hair removal done. I’m post-menopausal and have a lot  of white course hair. I’ve been tweezing for years and have considered  Laser but I have more white hairs than dark so therefore it wouldn’t be  worth doing this method on my face and neck area and It would be most  beneficial to have the SIMPLE™

Technique service.  





Thank you for being such a great confidence builder. I leave your office  looking and feeling better. This thank you is long overdue (about 17  years!) But with age comes wisdom. Know that you have made a difference  in my life – not just cosmetically – but in how I live my life. Have a  great day!






  Just wanted to send a note regarding the electrolysis treatments given by Suzanne Anderer, CPE, LE.


As I am a physician myself, I always try to research different methods  before trying a particular treatment. After researching different types  of electrolysis and trying several different methods myself, I was  fortunate enough to speak with Suzanne and learn more about the  technique that she developed several years ago called SIMPLE™ (Sequential Inverted Micro Pulsed Lead Energy). This method eliminates the need to repeatedly treat the same hair follicle.  


Unfortunately, there were no practitioners in my area who practiced the SIMPLE™ technique, so I traveled quite some distance to see Suzanne for  multi-hour sessions. Suzanne was incredibly accommodating and  understanding of my situation. Fortunately, with her technique, we are  getting great results even though I cannot travel for regularly  scheduled treatments, but rather for these multi-hour long sessions when  possible.  


I can honestly say that I have seen a definite improvement (decrease in  hair growth) in the areas that we have treated. With the SIMPLE™ technique, we are able to permanently treat a much greater number of  hairs in a given period of time, which will save both time and money in  the long run.  


I would encourage more electrologists to learn the SIMPLE™ technique, as there are many clients who could benefit from this method of permanent hair removal.  


Thank you Suzanne.




A.K., Medical Doctor





My name is Jean Martin, I’m 66 years old and was diagnosed with Glaucoma  in 2007. One of my prescribed eye drops was Lumigan. I was not told  that Lumigan causes extra hair growth. After a few months I noticed my  eye lashes began to grow longer and thicker. Later a nurse said to me,  you have great lashes because you’re taking Lumigan. Then I began to  notice extra hair growth around my lower eyelids and cheeks. I was  unaware of the importance of keeping Lumigan drops from dripping on my  face.

Thank God for Suzanne Anderer, she was able to removal all my extra hair  growth. This took Suzanne two hours for both of my cheeks. All hair  removed is not growing back.

Thanks Suzanne-

Jean Martin




Shannelle Susanne Rico, M.D.

Family Practice & Sports Medicine Specialty

Rosebud, SD


Letter of Satisfaction and Recommendation


November 17, 2007


Before being treated by Suzanne Anderer, I tried different  electrologists who were telling me that I had to be paitent because it  takes many treatments to treat the same follicle. That was very  frustrating to me because I wanted more efficient and cost effective  results.


I was referred to Suzanne by Deb Wilke, LCPC, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. Suzanne Anderer, Director of the Permanent Hair Removal and Illinois School of Electrology,  uses amazing techniques which give 100% satisfaction to all her  clients. One technique is what she calls AC Simple-needle Micro Pulsed (“SIMPLE™” technique, or Sequential Inverted Micro Pulsed Lead Energy).  She has been using this technique on my face with excellent results.  Each hair treated does not come back anymore. For the genital area, she  uses a completely different technique what she calls DC Multi-needle.  I am completely amazed with this technique because it is less painful  than the single needle and the results are also permanent with the first  treatment.  


The advantage of this technique is that stages of hair do not matter, it  is cost effective, efficient, and less painful, the entire dermis is  treated, and results are permanent in one treatment.


As a conclusion, as a Medical Doctor, I do strongly recommend to all the  electrologists to learn this amazing technique from Suzanne Anderer.  Nevertheless, it is important to mention that research needs to be done  to support this unique method of Permanent Hair Removal.


Shannell Susanne Rico, M.D.




I just had to write to say, "Thank You!"


The care, professionalism and efficiency you display have been  awe-inspiring. From day one you never gave an unreal expectation. You  not only have met, but also exceeded expectations I ever had hopes of  achieving. I see what other friends have gone through with regular  processes and I could not imagine this to myself after working with you.


Suezan, Jonet, IL  


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