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My philosophy is based on technology 130 years ago when Dr, Michele MD,  ophthalmologist, joined a fine sewing machine needle, with a dry cell  battery, and treated an ingrown eyelash. The application of DC current  totally destroyed hair growth potential in the follicle. Dr Michelle  documented his research, and the availability of permanent hair removal  was achieved. Over time various applications of DC and or AC current  have developed favor in permanent hair removal. Today, technology has  advanced allowing computerized micro pulsing of heating patterns to  thoroughly treat each hair follicle one time with AC current. This  computerized technology SIMPLE™ technique permanent hair removal allows quick AC application of current,  permanent destruction of hair growth capability within the follicle,  and minimal recovery when correctly employed.


Suzanne Anderer Hair Removal in Frankfort, Illinois is the SIMPLE™ technique permanent hair removal solution to permanent hair removal. We  specialize in difficult cases and in men and women with sensitive skin  conditions.



Our licensed and Board Certified practitioners customize their  electrolysis procedures to your unique skin type and condition in order  to quickly and effectively treat you. When only permanent hair loss will  do, choose the SIMPLE™ solution the private practice of Suzanne Anderer provides.  


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