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Please read though some of the letters Suzanne Anderer Hair Removal has received from people within the esthetician and electrology field. If you require more information, please contact us and we'd be happy to provide additional references of our work. 



What Your Electrology School Never Taught You

By Nancy S. Ledins, Ph.D., CPE


(Graduate of the Blend technology school in 1979; Past Chairperson of  the International Board of Electrologist Certification; Lifetime CPE;  Instructor in five schools of electrology from 1979-1005; Retired)


In defense of electrology school, the method about to be critiqued (SIMPLE™ Method) was not possible with the older electrology machines and  methods. When I entered the profession the lowest current was 1/10th of a  second. With the advance in understanding of currents and electrical  technology it is now possible to successfully use currents both very low  and instantaneously very productive.  


The title of this small critique however does take issue with the  concepts offered by the old pioneers, most of whom were electrical  engineers who fancied themselves as experts in the fields of skin,  follicular disablement, and such terms as regrowth, the infundibulum,  and tables to “describe” and defend their procedures. Unfortunately,  much of what we taught and fostered for the field of permanent hair  removal were, at best, suspect. It all sounded “learned”; everything  seemed to “fit” into the mantras expounded by the experts  (inventors-adapters). But, alas, much of it was wrong – or, built upon a  house of cards. (Unfortunately, I was one of the learners and  instructors in the field for a number of years)


One example will suffice: permanent hair removal was built on the  premise that only the lower 2/3 of the follicle had to be destroyed.  Thus, the currents were never to start near the surface but only at the  bottom – and build upwards. The SIMPLE™ method has successfully thrown that into the proverbial “cocked hat”. Simply put, the SIMPLE™ method has successfully shown that a Sequential Inverted Micro Pulsed Led Energy  procedure does not only disable a follicle but people who have had the  method (over a ten-year period) achieve their goal (permanency) sooner  and with much less numbers of treatments. In my mind, the INVERSION  aspect of this method is one of the keys; the MICRO-PULSING (now  available in a few of the machines) is so rapid and effective that the  desired results take place soon/faster and with longer gaps between  treatments.  


I had occasion to visit the clinic of Suzanne Anderer, CPE in Frankfort,  Illinois. Over a four day period, I not only saw the process in action  but met approximately two dozen clients (from teenagers to young people  to older people – both males and females). I interviewed each client I  met. I watched the treatments to observe such things as surface tissue  damage, pain tolerance, insertion technique, current application, and  post-treatment results. To put it simply: I was astounded!


Pain tolerance was evident (an occasional twitch of  the eyelids noted the current in use but no client was fidgety or  displayed no signs of real pain). The current, one should note, is a  thermolytic current (heat). The pulses were so rapid that, in the words  of every client, it was extremely bearable.  


Surface tissue damage was negligible. A bit of  redness/pinkness but this disappeared rapidly. Every client (especially  those who had had numerous treatments by other electrologists or  laserologists in the past) was profuse in their praise of this aspect of  the SIMPLE™ treatments. I saw photos of  before and after; I examined the skin of clients very closely. It was  almost “too good to be true” – but, happily, it was true. Every client  was absolutely pleased with the progress of the treatments but the  healing of the treated area(s).  


Suzanne has been doing the SIMPLE™ method for about ten years. The results, in my estimation (from  in-person testimonials to viewing charts and pictures) have been  outstanding. And, from the clients’ perspectives, with less treatments  and less costs. If the “proof is in the pudding” this method bodes will  for the present and future of needle electrolysis.  


My only recommendation was that some grid work on treatment areas would  be most beneficial. And, more videography would be an asset. In  addition, more written or televised testimonials would also help in the  pursuance of this process.


(One verbal testimonial which was awesome to hear was from a teenager  who was having her upper lip done. A most tender area and one which  cases most people painful treatments. I observed this youngster during  treatment. An occasional eye twitch but that was it. There were no body  movements to denote pain (legs moving, hands in a white-knuckle mode,  etc). Asked about her treatment experience, she noted that she felt the  current pulses but it was not at all unbearable.)


I would not hesitate to recommend this process to anyone wishing to have  either a small area done (upper lip) or large areas (back, legs,  breasts, arms, etc). I would say that Ms. Anderer has found the long  sought after “grail”.




Some years ago Suzanne lectured to our state electrolysis association. I  was already a great advocate of the dental chair, great illumination  light, and magnification eye ware. I practiced Suzanne's theory for a  couple years, and then decided I really needed to attend her school and  observe and be observed. That fine tuned her theory for me. I am writing  this testimonial after attending her school three years ago. I have  made very small adjustments to the multiple pulse technique to  personalize it for me. What I found was that I see a more complete  epilated sheath tissue with a smoother release. I found that I could  customize the pulsing treatment for different adjacent hairs and areas  with different moisture and sensitivity considerations. I am one with  the follicle.


My very, very, very personal goal was to be the best electrologist that I  could be when I stepped out of the door of my school for the last time.  I didn't know what I didn't know, but I looked around and did a lot of  listening. Dectro and Suzanne are the two catalysts that enabled me to  be the best that I could be. And just a side note to all of this and  because of that, my clients have written the most fabulous reviews of me  on the Internet. I have now practiced twelve years and because of my  reviews, this July 2009, I had the most new clients in a given month in  all of months and years in practice. With the economy as it has been the  last year, there is only one place to be....doing quality work...for  the consumer is going to do their home work. The bar of quality needs to  be raised in the profession and what joy there is in your work when you  know you are giving the gift of your knowledge and skills. With great  appreciation of your unrelenting dedication......

Thank you Suzanne


Barbara Failing LE, CPE

Portland, Oregon

Past VP/Cont. Ed. for six years




“The new technique is called SIMPLE™ which is an acronym for Sequential Inverted Micro Pulsed Led Energy.  


I have been applying this new technique since October of 2005 and have  found the results to be successful. It is my belief that this combined  approach will revolutionize the profession of electrology.”




“In my 20 years of being an electrologist, I have strived to achieve the  best in permanent hair removal for my clients. I am really excited  about offering the most effective treatment available for permanent hair  removal.”




As you know, I have been an electrologist for 22 years. " ..I am delighted and excited to have used the SIMPLE™ Technique for the last 2 ½ years. The results on my clients has been exceptional. My new clients have seen other electrologist (who do not use the SIMPLE™ Technique); they have little hope…”




“Hi.  This is _________________.  I would like to make an make an  appointment for myself and my daughter.  I think she would prefer your  technique over the shortwave I do”


10/27/2009 Telephone message


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